We’ve been around for a good many years, originally family owned and now private equity owned, our story has been of continued development and progression


Quelch is founded by Eddie Quelch as a small turning company in Uxbridge Middlesex. At that time the business was using only Capstan lathes to produce an array of parts for customers, relying on the skill of the operators


Eddie Quelch's nephew, Alan See joined the business bringing a new perspective and approach and building on the family tradition of Quelch Engineering


Quelch buys it's first CNC lathe, the start of the move into a broader CNC introduction, including milling machines and being able to use the latest technology to deliver exceptional service


After many years of engineering, Eddie Quelch is ready to retire and the business is sold to Alan See, the family tradition being continued but under a new approach and with new direction


To further strengthen the business and help move it forward into new areas, Alan's son, Paul, joins the business


Quelch takes over the adjacent unit and almost doubles the production areas for Quelch, and begins the process of filling it with machines, expanding on the ever growing number of CNC machining centres


After almost 47 years being part of Quelch, Alan finally retires, along with Paul and the business is acquired by Owner Venture Managers, a private equity business with a history of acquiring strong businesses and investing in their future


Richard Allen takes over as Managing Director and with Owner Venture Managers supporting the business and investing in equipment, facilities and people, together we are leading the business into its next chapter