Welcome to Quelch Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering Specialists in West London

Quelch Precision Engineering is a specialist in providing CNC Machining services for over 50 years. Quelch Engineering has become a household name in the CNC manufacturing & machining services industry.

Based in Uxbridge, West London, we have a team of engineering experts using cutting edge design software, the latest machines and progressive processes to enable complex production of parts from a wide variety of materials from plastics to titanium to suit a wide variety of applications
such as aerospace, marine, defence, electronics, scientific, medical, oil and energy, motorsport and more.

We have proven that with our dedicated team of engineers, CNC machinists and project management professionals, we have the right people around us to instil confidence in our customers due to our capabilities.



CNC Milling

From simple blocks to complex multi dimensional profiles, we have the ability to satisfy your milling requirement. Using a mixture of vertical and horizontal 4 axis CNC machines and some of the latest programming software

CNC Turning

From tubes to valve blocks, our turning centres can handle even the most complicated work. With 3 axis CNC turning, live tooling and sub spindles, coupled with the latest programming software, we can tackle anything.

Finishing & assembly

We know that our customers want to be offered complete solutions, so we work with numerous supply chain partners to offer completed components, fully finished, inspected, tested and assembled if required.