Quelch Engineering Ltd uses the most up to date version of GibbsCAM® offline programming software to maximise the efficiency of our CNC machinery.

Offline programming capabilities include solid modelling and surfacing, solid model import from most industry standard software, 2.5D and 3D programming and machining, 3rd and 4th axis programming and machining, MTM (Multi Task Machining) for multi spindle, multi turret enabled lathes.

Quelch Engineering Ltd were the first company in the United Kingdom to implement the use of the Renishaw® / GibbsCAM® Productivity Plus software plug-in to enable offline programming and setting of various machines fitted with Renishaw® spindle probing and Renishaw® non contact and contact tool setters. This system not only reduces setting times but increases accuracy and the ability to repeat results exponentially.

In addition to the Gibbscam programming system, we have multiple seats of OneCNC XR7 MILL 3D Expert, enabling reduced setup times and creating more efficient programs at the machine tool.
This results in competitive pricing and superior quality.